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Apartment 170 star

Av. NS Copacabana, Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, 20020-002, Brazil
Tel: +55 21 9694 7705,

  • 3 bedroom apartment with enough space for 7 people
  • 8th floor
  • 1 suite
  • one block away from the beach
  • modern kitchen
  • additional sofabed
  • wireless internet, cable TV
Room/property types

Area activities

  • beach sports, swimming
  • water sports, surfing
  • fitness
  • bars, restaurants, clubs
  • tourism

Check in times

  • check-in after 2 o'clock p.m.
  • check-out before 12.00 o'clock a.m.
  • can be agreed otherwise
  • early check-in or late check-out might be possible


  • GIG (international airport) approx. 40 min. by taxi
  • SDU (domestic airport) approx. 20 min. by taxi

Other transport

  • busses and taxis in front of the building
  • the next Metro-Station ("Siqueira Campos") is a 10 min. walk away

Policies & disclaimers


There is a 30% deposit necessary to get a confirmation of your reservation. In peak seasons such as New Year and Carnival, the deposit is 50% of the total rent. Having received the deposit, the landlord confirms the reservation. The tenant should use a quick way for the payment or transfer to the mentioned bank account or via PayPal or Western Union. Additional payments for rent, energy, supplements, surcharges etc. must be made in cash.

Check-in/ Check-out

Having received the confirmation of the reservation, the tenant must inform the landlord about the arrival and agree a procedure. If not mentioned otherwise, the landlord will wait for the arrival of the tenant in front of the building.The date and time for the check-out will be defined at the check-in. The tenant leaves the apartment at the end of the lease period on time and in proper condition and informs the landlord about any damage or loss. The energy price, the contract and claims arising from damages and losses can be offset by the landlord with the deposit. In the case of a heavy soiling, there will be charged a fee of an additional final cleaning.

Condition of the apartment

The apartment is rented in good condition with no defects. The furniture and other objects are listed in an inventory. In the case of defects, they must be listed and signed at the end of the contract. The renter is fully liable for damages and losses.


The apartment offers a basic equipment for short term stays. This includes towels (a set of facial and bath towels), bedding (pillow with pillow case, sheet, bedspread), soap, toilet paper and the items listed in the inventory. If additional equipment or additional changes of bed linen or towels are desired, then the costs will be charged separately. (Especially for the laundry).


The keys are handed over by the landlord at the beginning of the rental period. It is not allowed to make copies without written permission of the landlord. At the end of the rental period are all keys (including the copies) must be given to the landlord.


The rent, the security deposit and the fee for final cleaning must be paid completely at the beginning of the rental period. There is no refund in the case of leaving the apartment early. The security deposit will be given back at the end of the rental period.The security deposit varies according to the number of people in the apartment, duration of your stay and the period of the year. The security deposit also might be let in another (hard) currency. This needs an agreement at the check-in. Damages at the apartment or costs which will have to pay the owner due to misuse, fees, fines, loss of keys, waste of energy, lawyers etc. can be taken by the owner from the security deposit without further agreement. This does not mean that the client has to cover the full amount of these costs.


The apartment only may be used by the agreed number of persons and by persons known to arrival. These people must register at the beginning. A copy of this registration will be stored by the responsible person of the building. Visits and guests for more than a couple of hours or overnight are due to an extra charge defined as guest price. The guest price is for the entire rental period. Minors must be accompanied by the responsible person. Those responsible must carry their identification and be able to prove the relationship with the minors. Pets can not be brought or kept.Although guests might be welcome, there are some restrictions for the safety and due to the interests of the owner of the apartment. The doormen, the landlord, the owner of the property or his representation are allowed to deny the access to the apartment for guests in certain circumstances. This is especially the case if it is expected to have safety problems or if the guests are supposed to disturb the neighbors or the building otherwise. This can be because of influence of alcohol or drugs, unknown people or people who are known to cause conflicts.

Additional costs

The rent includes a basic consumption of energy in the amount of ...kwh / day of electricity and .... EH / day of gas. This usually covers a thrifty use without air conditioning. The exceeding consumption will be charged at the end of the period of short-term stays. In the case of long term stays, there is no basic consumption of energy included. The tenant must pay the complete use of energy on his own. The relevant counters are noticed both at check-in and check-out.

Changes of the apartment

The tenant is not allowed to make any changes of the apartment or its inventory without written approval of the landlord. Even small changes like holes in the wall are taken as a damage and the recovery costs will be charged.

Disturbances and damages

The tenant must report to the landlord defects, disturbances or damages immediately, latest one business day after the appearance. Neighborhood disturbances and damage to the building must be avoided. Rules of the building must be maintained. The tenant is obliged to inform himself about the rules of the building.


In the case of violations, damaging the apartment or not respecting the agreement by the tenant and / or any other persons located in the apartment, the tenant loses the right to use the apartment and the right to a refund of any prepaid rent and security deposit. The apartment is on leave immediately upon request. The landlord charges the tenant incurred costs of litigation, attorneys, expenses, etc., resulting from the breach of the contract, calculate the full amount. On the bills, the landlord may put a surcharge of 20%.


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