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Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

Competition of samba schools

The parade of the Sambodromo Stadium is world famous. The main parades take place on Carnival Saturday, Sunday and Monday. The samba schools start the competition at 10.00 p.m. competition and present various aspects of a chosen topic. Each Samba-School has got a limited time window of approx. 45 min. They must pass the 700 meters at the Sambodromo. The variety of colors of the costumes and ingenuity in designing the moving trucks are overwhelming. For large samba schools several thousand dancers move through the stadium. The jury evaluates ten different aspects such as overall picture of the topic, singing, the drummers and the costumes. The presentation of the results takes place on Ash Wednesday. The winner is dertermined similar to the European Song Contest. The additional parade of winners will take place on the following Saturday.


It is definitely a unique experience to watch the parade from the stands in the Sambodromo. Even if you are a tourist you can understand some of the pictures and themes. You should obtain a prospectus (and possibly translate it) in order to understand the subjects. This way you can get a better idea of what is to be expressed. Of course, you will be infected by music and dance and will forget the time. 





Tickets - Tickets are officially sold on a specific day at a specific time by phone computer. One can get four tickets per call with a valid tax ID number, which must be passed to the operator. You will obtain a code which is needed later to pay in a bank and pick up the tickets. Tickets usually are rapidly (ie, maybe after 15 min.) sold out, so that you as a tourist or a foreigner. depend on the purchase through a travel agency or an agent.

For Carnival fanatics or particularly interested people, there is also the possibility to take part at the procession itself and move with a samba school through the stadium. Some schools offer the participation for tourists. One must, however, register early and possibly pay a fee.


The activities outside the stadium

Those who could not get a ticket can still get a taste of the Samba parade. One goes to the Presidente Vargas street, which is closed partially for traffic, and watch the goings-on. The Samba schools meet her before the presentation and prepare themselves. They order the dancers, drummers, cars and bring everything in position before entering the stadium. The presentations start at the appropriate time with a firework. There are also stands with free access, from some ot them, you have a nice view k, sometimes even into the samba stadium.


Street carnival

In the shadow of the parade in the Sambodromo standing but no less exciting are the parades and spontaneous celebrations in the streets. Here drag single "blocos" through the streets. It is drummed, danced, celebrated and so on There is a list of the streets, timetable and the formations which are supposed to celebrate there. 

But you can also simply spend the evening somewhere in Zona sul. It will be difficult not to find carnival somewhere. It is full, it is noisy, there is plenty to see and do. If you discreetly dressed and behaving normally, one need not to worry regarding security.



some Impressions of different activities of the street carnival 2012 





Individual institutions, venues, football clubs, hotels and many more balls to invite annually, some with specific topics or for specific target groups. It is advisable to book early.


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