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Leisure activities in Rio de Janeiro

Ideas on what to do in Rio de Janeiro "on your own"
Culture, extreme sports, amusement park, events, nightlife ... The range of alternatives for leisure is huge and growing.
Of course, plays a big part of tourism from the beach of Copacabana or Ipanema. The offer here is in itself diverse. In addition to the typical beach life there are also cyclists, skaters and joggers who are out and about all day.
The city of Rio de Janeiro Prommenaden tries to make more attractive. There are periodically kiosks, fitness stations, water dispensers and of course the rescue stations with toilets and shower.
The cult of the body is very strong in Brazil. Beauty is important. So it is not surprising that you probably do not have to go 100 meters, to get past a gym.
We have collected some more alternatives for the active leisure in Rio de Janeiro.
Simply select from the menu, an area that interests you. Under the menu item "Where what is?" You see e.g. Restaurants, museums and shopping centers. In the column, there are suggestions for nightlife activities to nightlife.
By public transport to get to most destinations beyond the beaches.
If you want to try out bus, metro or tracks themselves, we have compiled on a separate map of possible routes for specific goals. You'll also find some tips and advice on what is observed. In addition, we have set up a map on which you can see different places of recreation.

Anyone feeling insecure - for example due to lack of knowledge of Portuguese - can of course book a guide. Depending on the activity, we can also offer you an escort who speaks German.



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You are here: Start - > > > - Leisure