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Shopping in Rio de Janeiro

centroShopping streets

Not only Ipanema is worth a window shopping. The busy streets of the center of Rio de Janeiro with a lot of old shops, a mass of people and fair prices should be visited.  (eg Uruguiana, Rua Buenos Aires, ...) 



barraShopping malls

There is no shortage of shopping malls. Each neighborhood has a few. Barra da Tijuca is crowded of them. Not depending on the type of shopping center (fashion, brands, grocery, furniture, ...) you easily can spend a whole day there.






There are quiet a lot of weekly markets for fruits, vegetables, fish and flowers in various parts of the city. More interesting might be a visit of the markets in the center, the traditional market in Sao Cristovao or the hippie market in Ipanema.





It is not hard to find in supermarkets of all sizes and categories in Rio. When you go to buy something there, you have to keep some aspects in mind.

  • The Zona Sul (and also the same supermarkets) are relatively expensive
  • Cheaper alternatives, are for example, the markets of "rede Economia" or "Mundial"
  • At some distance from Copacabana or Ipanema you can get the same product sometimes  up to 50% cheaper.. (eg in the center)
  • Not everything which is called Offer, it is really one. Compare with alternatives in the same shelf ...
  • Some of the best deals only apply to holders of customer-cards, which may be issued immediately - but will need a CPF number.
  • Sometimes, you can find the same article much cheaper right the next door - in another shop.
You are here: Start - > > > - Leisure - > > > - other ideas - > > > - Shopping