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Booking your apartment in Rio de Janeiro

How you can rent an apartment:

If you want to book an apartment, please note the following instructions. Depending on apartment and period (especially on New Year and Carnival) may vary the conditions.



  1. Decide your period and the flat
  2. Pay a deposit for your reservation via bank transfer, Paypal or Western Union (usually 30% of the rent of the apartment in high season 50%. Should you rent an apartment for several months, the deposit value is the amount of a monthly rent .)
  3. Inform us about the payment (e.g. send a copy of the tranfer or in case of Western Union - the transaction number)
  4. Receive the confirmation (We send you a confirmation for the apartment and the period by e-mail)
  5. Send us the arrival information (Please send us accurate data from your flight, airport, flight number, time, date, ...)
  6. If not agreed otherwise, we meet in front of the building of the apartment 

At the check-in, the specifics of your apartment will be explained and the keys handed over. You will have to make the rest of the payment. Depending on the conditions and length of stay, the counters will be checked and registered. (gas, electricity) . Please, inform us at what time you would like to leave the apartment at your check-out.



  1. Handover of apartment and key
  2. Return of the deposit (possibly discounting consumption of electricity and gas)

Please inform us in advance if you want to leave your holiday flat late (e.g. in the afternoon). 


You are here: Start - > > > - Tips - > > > - Holiday flats - > > > - Apartment-Reservation