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How to use busses, trains, cable cars and metro in Rio de Janeiro

Find a map with some bus or Metro lines. Zoom in to find out in which street the busses stop. 

You can pay in the bus directly. Tickets for Metro, train, cable car, ferry etc., you get at the stations. 


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Get to tourist destinations by bus or train in Rio

If you click on a marker or a line on the map you get an indication which bus you can choose. Sometimes you need a combination of different lines. We list here some alternatives, just to give you an idea how to move around in Rio. Behind one place, the route (eg 511 + M1) is displayed. Just go to the street and look for a bus stop. 

Sugarloaf - Bus 511 (URCA) + cable car

back; also  with 511 (Leblon)
There are two cable cars. Having reached the first stop you have to go a bit to get to the next station. 

Cristo statue - bus (Cosme Velho) 584 and train

back: also with 584 (Leblon) 
You can go by bus 584 and get off almost to the end in order to get to the base station of the train to the Crist Statue. The train goes through lush vegetation and reaches almost to the foot of the statue of Cristo. The upper deck is reached by stairs.

Zoo - Metro M2 (Pavuna)

M1 + M2 (M1 first, change from Botafogo in M2)
When you get off the metro at the station M2 Sao Cristovao one must still go through a nice park to get to the zoo.

City Center of Rio de Janeiro

M1 (metro)
The best way to get to the city centre of Rio is using the metro. Depending on the purpose (shopping, walk, ...) you can get off between Cinelandia and Uruguaiana.

Sao Cristovao - bus (S. Januario) 473

back: also. by bus 473 (Lido)
If you do not mind a little walk, you can also take the metro (M2). The bus, however, goes relatively directly to Sao Cristovao.

Maracana - Bus 433 (Vila Isabel) or Metro

back: also by bus 433 (Leblon)
The football stadium is being rebuilt for the 2014 World Cup. It can be visited. Football matches takes place in the stadium Engenhão however, reached by underground M2, changing at CENTRAL to train. You have to get off at ENGENHO DE DENTRO. 

Sta. Teresa - Bus 433 (Vila Isabel)

back also by bus 433 (Leblon) +  tram
It is such a pleasure to ride the tram to Santa Teresa. Unfortunately, it is out of work at the moment. There are some busses instead going up to Santa Teresa until the new tram will be going again. You can catch a bus to the center and get off at Passeio. Then it passes to the station next to the Petrobras building to reach the exit station at Lélio Gama. But you can also get off the metro at Cinelandia.

Lapa - Bus 433 (Vila Isabel)

back also by bus 433 (Leblon)
You might want to walk around in Lapa like in the evening when the nightlife begins. One can simply get off at Passeio and then stroll the streets close to the viaduct.

Sambodromo - Bus 433 (Vila Isabel)

back also by bus 433 (Leblon)

Botanical Gardens - Bus 584 (Leblon)

The line 511 also is suitable for a small tour with a stop at the botanical garden.


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